Story 681

Insecurity is introduced to us out of nowhere. It may be us on our own noticing a difference in our body compared to our friends or a model in a campaign. It maybe somebody else noticing the difference in us and pointing it out, maybe to humiliate us. Anyway, it sticks. Something so natural to us, is unnatural to someone else. I will always remember the first time I became aware of the size of my body, it was in 3rd grade when a boy in my class pointed out that I'd look taller if I was "less fat". To me, at that point I thought I was just bigger than my classmates because I was growing. The way I looked at my body changed that day. From when we were toddlers we were never told to accept and embrace the differences. We devoloped an instinct to notice variations and question them. And that's where we should be told that every distiction is beautiful. Variance prevents monotony, and every variation usually compliaments each other, keeping a balance in our systems and our bodies.