Story 727

I've been told I'm too fat, too big, too muscular, I was born with hormone issues my body shape isn't normal for a 'normal' woman, I have large shoulders, broad back and good strong arms. Think rugby player, then I have a large thick neck, not swan graceful or thin, always been on the heavy side, solid at first before pecos began, then the hair started and the weight gain. My husband told me I was too big, I was taller, too fat, too 'much', even my laughter was 'too much like a mans'. He belittled me over thirty years, ripped my self confidence to shreds every time we went out. There was no point 'dressing up' because 'we'd never find anything decent to fit those shoulders'. At work being compared to male workers and shamed for not shaving body hair, which if you have pecos comes back even darker and thicker than before. Told to get rid of your entire body hair because its the only way your husband will touch you and when you refuse finds someone else who will.