Story 832

‘Here comes the Lump’ Said by my father in law to me as I entered the room at 6 months pregnant. ‘You’ve done so well to lose your baby weight, you were big weren’t you!’ Said by my father in law to me a year after having my baby. During my second pregnancy I lost weight during my second trimester and went on a diet 2 weeks after having my baby. ‘I can’t believe how much weight you’ve lost, you look SO good’ Said by my Father in law a year after my second baby when I was in the depths of an eating disorder. Can we all just STOP commenting on each other’s body size? Pregnancy does not mean you have free reign to comment on someone’s size. If someone loses weight you don’t know what methods they used to do it and praising it is reinforcing fatphobia. I’m looking forward to one day having a conversation with my father in law about the way he talks to me and others about their body, it’s time to change and I don’t care how awkward it is.