Story 833

As a child I was seriously ill for about a year. Because of my illness I was quite small & underweight. I remember being at primary school & we all had to be weighed & measured. It was remarked about how small & unhealthy I must be. Then maybe a year later, we were all weighed measured again. This time I was now fully recovered & healthy. I remember it being announced in front of the whole class that I was the girl who had put on the most weight and it wasn’t a good way to be heading. Bear in mind that I had been very ill, lost a lot of weight due to illness & was now back to a healthy weight. I wasn’t overweight. But I was told I would be fat if I carried on that way. I can remember feeling so embarrassed & not really knowing why. I was 9 That was the beginning of my body hatred. I’m 44 now. I despise me.