Story 846

I met a guy at university... I was a bachelor student, and he was at PhD. We used to meet around the university, and we became good friends in time. This helped me a lot to cope with the fact that I was alone in a new city, right after I broke up from a toxic relationship. I started to have feelings for him, and he seemed to feel the same, even if we kept it low-key. When the university year was over, I was sure that we will keep in touch on social media during the summer holiday, as we both went to our hometowns. But he started to be very distant. I found out very late why... I have a friend who is a photographer and she likes to take pictures of me (I like retro, hippie and flower power styles). This guy believed that I was working as a model: 'A girl who pays so much attention and time to look pretty can't be smart enough to date someone like me'. It's unfair that when a woman is confident with the way she looks, she is considered to be stupid.