Story 865

I was given an amazing writing job for a publication I loved. Only problem: I was hired by my boss's boss. Once I started, I quickly discovered that my direct line manager had a policy of only hiring size 8 beauties. He did his best to ignore me, send me away on long, obscure jobs, anything to keep me out of his line of sight. Eventually he called me into his office and told me, "You just don't excite me. The last girl I hired, I wanted to tie her to a chair and never let her leave my office. I just don't feel that way about you". There was this awkward pause in which I was meant to... Apologise? Resign? From school to the present day, I've been told that my appearance is a problem, and if a man feels like it he has the right to ignore, avoid or humiliate me for having to look at me. I wish I had been born in a different body, so my talents and personality had stood a chance of finding their place in the world.