Story 868

Hi, I'm a Korean girl. 17 years old. Korea has a lot of Lookism. As I lived, I was so tired that I thought there was a way to get rid of Lookism. But it is human instinct to like beautiful things. So I thought I couldn't get rid of it, and I thought I should get away from Lookism instead of get rid of Lookism. I thought about what to do and thought I should increase my self-esteem. It's hard to increase self-esteem, but it's worth a try. Maybe it can quell the instinct to like beauty. These are the things I tried. 01 When judging first impressions, think [People's appearance isn't everything] 02 After washing your face, look in the mirror. [This is pretty] Tell me. 03 When you have negative thoughts about yourself, cut them off as quickly as possible. 04. Take your time and think about your strengths. 05. Keep thinking that other people are not as interested in me as much as you think. Maybe a funny way can quell Lookism. Let's all cheer up! Thank you for reading my poor English :)