Story 892

I was called "Big Nose" by multiple male bullies, starting in the 5th grade. A group of boys teased me with that, and when I changed schools, I looked forward to it ending. Unfortunately, after changing schools for 7th grade, a new crop of boys teased/bullied me relentlessly about my big nose. I had never even thought about my nose until they pointed it out. Until 7th grade, I just decided those boys were jerks, but when a new group started with the3 same thing, I decided to look in a mirror and check things out. I decided I did have an ugly hook nose, and I cried to my mom about it. Being of ethnic heritage, she took me to a doctor to get it fixed rather than tell me I'm beautiful as is. Boys also said I "Had no body" at 12, my BFF said I had an "ugly body" in the 9th grade, meanwhile others now tell me I have a gorgeous body. I was told by many that my head was way too small for my body. I have no idea what is true and if I'm attractive or not attractive. I am 44.