Story 919

in secondary school, a group of 'friends' were discussing how you should be careful walking back late at night due to being assaulted and stuff and how its dangerous. i remember mentioning yeah i always pretend im on the phone to someone and try not go down dark alleyways. everyone just turned and started laughing in shock. someone mentioned i was ' too ugly to be r*ped' etc while laughing and the fact that that i even considered being assaulted was a joke because no one would dare come near me. wasn't sure how to react ? i was just stating how walking in the dark scares me. anyways after that i avoided saying i was careful walking home at night or that it was too dark to walk back late, because how dare i even assume i would be a victim of assault. if it's ever brought up i just say i dont want to walk back in the dark because im scared of theft or a robbery